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Windows 8
Windows 8ball
Start menu sucks!
General information
Reality Windows 8
Type Operating system
Country USA
Personality Wide
Preferred gender Male
Language English
Relations and opinions
Friends Windowswindow and all of the Windowsballs
Enemies macOSball, Linuxball
Likes Being liked, being touch screen friendly
Dislikes Startup and shutdown sounds, hate, home screens
Historical information
Date founded 2012
Date ended 2016
Is of importants
Can into space? No
Bork Startscreen startscreen
Food Fish and peas

Windows 8 is an operating system made by Microsoftwindow. It became public in 2012. Many users hated it due to the start menu being removed and being replaced with Start Tiles (Although you could still access the Home screen), as well as because the startup and shutdown sounds were removed to make the startups and shutdowns faster. It ended support in 2016.


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