Xboxball is a Video Game company in USAball.

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Xbox by hydra
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General information
Reality Xbox
Type Video gaming brand
Country USA
Preferred gender Male
Language English
Official website
Relations and opinions
Friends Microsoftwindow (dad)

Namco Bandaiball Segaball Nintendoball Steamball Kyrgyzstanball

Enemies PlayStationball, Konamiball
Historical information
Date founded 2001
Is of importants
Can into space? in some games
Bork xbox xbox
Food chips

He was created because Sonyball‘s PlayStation 2ball was luring developers away from Microsoftwindows PCs. The First Xbox, the Original Xboxball, was made out of PC parts and was mildy succesful. He has been the rival to the Playstationball to this very day.

Their latest & greatest Console is the Xbox One Xball which is the most powerful video game console ever but is very expensive, coming in at $449/£392.20.


Microsoftwindow: My father, makes computers and offensive code names.

Bungieball: Halo dude! But why you leave my dad?

Playstationball: I'm glad y'all at sony can count up to 4

Xbox360ball: Older brother, burnt a lot but he had sum good games ngl.

EAball and DICEball: STOP WITH THE FEMINISM FFS! But pls more battlefield

Nintendoball: Let the adults talk here m'kay?

Activisionball: Black ops 4 works the best on xbox, so thanks mate!



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